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Welcome to Genesis Total Care Ultra…..Home of a multitude of Frequency Therapies that get the results of a healthier you.

It's all about charging your cells for better health (just like a cell phone battery needs charging).

Genesis Total Care …Ultra Wellness Center is nestled with-in a serene, wooded area 10 minutes from Alexandria Minnesota. A unique set of modalities are available including cutting edge technology that may transform your mind, body, and spirit.

Genesis Total Care Ultra stays on the cutting edge of new technology and offers a 12-unit Energy Enhancement System in a home-based business. The EE System is sweeping across the globe at a rapid pace delivering untold and spectacular testimonials that are staggering. Genesis Total Care Ultra is located in Alexandria,
Minnesota. 4443 S. Lake Jessie Rd SE

Home of The Energy Enhancement System.

The Universe is God’s Creation that is vibrating and alive with unharnessed power and frequencies that provide untold healing potential.

The Energy Enhancement System is an introduction to the mysterious world of Scalar Energy and what profound effects it has on the human body. Scalar Waves have long fascinated scientists, as they hold the key to unlocking a hidden dimension of energy. “The Power that made the body, heals the body.” Statement by Dr. Sandra Rose Micheals inventor of the Energy Enhancement System.

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Embracing the Potential of Scalar Energy
Scalar opens a realm of possibilities that have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of energy and its applications. Nikola Tesla’s groundbreaking work laid the foundation for harnessing scalar energy, and its positive effects on human well-being. Scientists have unlocked new frontiers of healing, to enhance our vitality, and new ways to optimize our higher and greater potential. Scalar Waves occur naturally in nature, thoughts, food, and DNA etc. Scalar travels through space without a direction or without decaying over time or distance.

nikola-Tesla-imageFast forward to Nikola Tesla who demonstrated the existence of scalar energy. He referred to Scalar Energy as universal waves or standing energy. In later years several researchers conducted experiments to determine the effects of scalar energy on the human body.

Scalar energy technology marks a new era in energy medicine, offering a non-invasive path to wellness through a pathogenic cleanse, nutrient therapy, restoration of cellular mitochondria, and chakra balancing. Scalar Energy devices, inspired by the visionary Nikola Tesla, are not only a tribute to scalar field theory but also allow for practical applications of scalar wave healing. Its potential for quantum healing aligns with life’s natural frequencies, inviting a future of enhanced health and vitally. The limitless possibilities offered by Scalar Technology continues to open new doors in healthcare.


Many professionals have seen many benefits, some of which have been termed "Miraculous"

  1. Varicose veins, peripheral artery disease/neuropathy improved
  2. Increased mobility after strokes / stopping of tremors
  3. Helps heal depression and grief
  4. Regeneration of damaged brain cells / healing of autistic brain
  5. Electrical activity in child born with brain on one side only (activity on 'empty' side of brain)
  6. Restoration of sight in eyes blinded from detached retinas and cataracts
  7. Healing of skin disorders / Remissions of Lupus
  8. Improvements in ALS, leukemia and HIV
  9. Healing of viral problems and clearing of candida
  10. Stopping pain of joint disorders (chronic & arthritic)
  11. Fully functional kidneys after kidney failure and dialysis

Scalar Waves promote healing because they operate at a frequency range that corresponds to the Schumann Resonances (global electromagnetic resonances). By harnessing these resonances, we can emulate their natural state and utilize them for healing.

The energy, carried into or cells by scalar enhanced equipment or products provides many benefits. For example, the electrical charge generated across cell membranes increases cellular nutrient uptake and cellular waste/toxin elimination.

Scalar energy energizes our cells, boosting overall energy and heightening states of awareness and creativity. It strengthens chemical bonds within DNA, making it more resistant to damage, and initiating an improvement in our overall immune function.

Increased amplitudes of EEGs frequencies have shown an increase in the balance of both hemispheres of the brain, contributing to heightened mental focus and brainwave coherence. Finally, scalar waves show ability to create an impact lie an antidepressant by directly altering neurotransmitter movement.

“Scalar fields have a potential for increasing energy and reversing aging. They increase the connection between that universal energy which is limitless, without time and space, and your awareness of it, to use it in order to manifest whatever you want to manifest, whether it’s health, wealth, or happiness.” Dr. Victor A. Marcial-Vega, M.D., John Hopkins Research Physician, Oncology

Harnessing the frequencies of scalar energy has been transformative in the medical field. Scalar waves hold immense potential for improving our health, enhancing our well-being, and life.

  1. Can scalar waves be harmful?
    Scalar waves emitted at the Schumann frequency (7.83 Hz) have been found to be safe and even offer protection for individuals sensitive to electromagnetic fields. However, further research is needed to fully understand their long-term effects.
  2. How do scalar waves impact DNA and the immune system?
    Scalar waves strengthen the hydrogen bonds that hold DNA together, promoting DNA stability and preventing damage. They also enhance immune system functioning, leading to improved overall health.
  3. Do scalar waves affect the brain and mental focus?
    Yes, scalar waves have a positive effect on the brain by balancing its halves and improving mental focus. This can result in improved cognitive function and a greater sense of well-being.
  4. Are there any benefits for cellular function and inflammation reduction?
    Scalar waves optimize cell membrane vibration, allowing for efficient nutrient transport and waste removal. They also reduce inflammation in the body, promoting overall cellular health and well-being.
  5. Can scalar waves be harnessed for storage or transferred into objects?
    Scalar energy can be stored in objects, such as holographic discs, by utilizing the frequencies of scalar waves. This opens up possibilities for utilizing scalar energy in various applications and products.

In conclusion, scalar waves hold immense potential for improving our health, enhancing our well-being, and life.

What to Expect inside the Scalar Energy Field Room
The Scalar Field is the subtle energies of the world around us, This energy is harnessed into a scientific technology that is enhanced and emits a stronger scalar energy. When you enter this atmosphere some individuals can sense the vibrational energy that is within the space. Some individuals visit Genesis Total Care Ultra to spend a comfortable relaxing several hours to an extended overnight stay. Its best to come and just relax within the space to read or sleep. The atmosphere is a low light setting that can be quite inviting to a meditative state or that of total surrender to a sound nap.

The clients that book an overnight will be expected to bring a blanket and your favorite pillow, and of course very comfortable clothing. It's important to accumulate extended hours which will advance your healing abilities of your body. The EESystem gets the voltage of your cells to a higher state of function. Give your cells the energy to function as God intended. Lets Detox, Repair and Rebuild as your body is designed to do.

Services we offer include the following:

  • EE System Energy Enhancement
  • Halotherapy Salt Tent Therapy
  • Qest4 Analysis - whole body Scan
  • Medsonix Sonar Therapy
  • BioCharger frequency based Therapy
  • Infared Sauna
  • Aqua Cleanse Foot Detox
  • Lymphstar Pro Drainage Protocols
  • Heated bamboo massage
  • MagSlim magnetic stimulator
  • Terahertz P90

Genesis Total Care... Ultra
​​TEL: 701-269-8300

Linda Nitschke M.S.A., C.N.C., Lymphatic Decongestive Tech. Lic. Massage Therapist,​​
IV Certified (St. Cloud Tech)
Owner of EE System...New Technology now in Alexandria, Minnesota
4443 S Lake Jessie Rd SEW

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I would like to express my gratitude to Linda Nitschke @ Genesis Total Care…Ultra for restoring my health. I first went to Genesis Total Care when I felt at a crossroads with Lyme Disease and it’s co-infections.
I was experiencing an episode that left me completely fatigued and cognitively impaired.
I had symptoms of neuropathy, muscle pains, joint pains, muscle weakness, vertigo, headaches, radiating brain fog and burning symptoms, tingling and the feeling of bugs crawling on my face, short-term memory loss, confusion, inability to concentrate, inability to finish sentences and express myself.
I am forever grateful to Linda Nitschke who specializes in Lyme Disease and other tick borne infections.
She has supplements that can bring the bacterial load down and restore brain/body function.
I feel that the most important therapy has been the Intravenous Ultraviolet Light Sessions. I have also used the BioCharger, Foot Detox, Sauna and other frequency Devices. All of these therapies have helped to restore my brain function and increase my energy levels, which has enabled me to return to work and once again take care of my family of 5 children and a wonderful husband.
It has been an ongoing journey, which has not been without ups and downs. But I believe that there is a light at the end of this tunnel, and Genesis Total Care …Ultra has helped to let me see that without drugs, and the normal conventional methods.

Erin Vargo RN
​Brainerd, MM

June 5th 2016 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer, the tumor was too large to be removed at the initial surgery. I was given a colostomy, a draining fistula and a referral to Mayo Clinic. While hospitalized I started drinking Essiac tea 2 oz twice a day.
The Mayo Clinic appointment was in the 3rd week of July. The carcinoembrionic antigen(CEA) number was 154. Mayo recommended 6 rounds of chemo, then a surgical consult. Chemo was given a 50/50 chance of effecting the tumor.
Aug. 2nd had a port placed at Duluth Clinic. The CEA number was 111. The only treatment at that time was the Essiac Tea. I then started Chaga Tea, 1 cup twice daily, Noni juice 2Tbsp. twice daily and the UVLrx (Intravenous Light Therapy) treatments in addition to the Essiac Tea. Chemo began Aug 5th, at the end of Aug the CEA number was 81.
I literally passed pieces of tissue rectally after each of the therapies I used, the Chaga Tea, Essiac Tea, Intravenous Light Therapy (UVLrx) and Chemo. It is a possiblity that these tissue pieces were tumor.
In mid September I added Frankincense Oil twice daily and Myrrh Oil once daily topically to the abdomen. The draining fistula had been requiring dressing changes 2 to 3 times a day. By early Oct the drainage was mininal. Dressing changes 1 or 2 a week.
I took the Intravenous Ultra Violet light treatments 1 or 2 times a week for a total of 15 prior to the surgerical consult at the end of October 2016. The surgeon felt the tumor had shrunk 60 – 70%. They now began talking about tumor removal instead of debulking. The CEA number was 9.4. The surgeon recommended one more chemo, then surgery. He thought he might be able to get it all out, but wasn’t sure. The Oncologist said I could have 6 more chemo’s then reevaluate. I opted to continue more chemo because it would give my other treatment longer to work.
​The next 6 chemo treatments were at a reduced amount. I continued the Essiac, Noni, Chaga, essential Oils, and had 6 more UVLrx treatments. During that time in November we had to cease the Intraveneous UltraViolet Light sessions for a time and during that time I also experienced some gallbladder discomfort and lethargic feelings. When I again continued the UVLrx the gallbladder symptoms and fatigue faded.
Had a re-evaluation at the end of January 2017, my CEA was 3.9. Surgery was scheduled for Feb 13, 2017. After a 12 plus hour surgery the tumor was removed with no lymph gland involvement. In may 2017 the tmepory illeostomy was reversed. To recap I took 21 UVLrx treatments, Chaga, Essiac Tea, Noni Juice, Frankinsense Oil, Myrrh Oil, Multivitamin and Mineral supplements and most improtant – Lots of Prayer.

Jeanie Porter
Bemidji, MN

Jamie Lynn Gens writes:
This winter my children ages 7 and 3, both experienced heavy, wheezing coughs. They coughed so hard they would not sleep. Initially I brought both in for a salt therapy. After 2 forty-minute sessions the cough left them. No more symptoms and that was 45 days ago….

Amazing is the word, I am using now! Before, I used Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy and Thermography, my left breast was very tender and sore.
When my husband tried to hug me it was uncomfortable! And my husband like to hug me! When I would jump on my trampoline I would have to put my arm under my breasts and support them. I had only Lymphatic massage treatments, and i have had a 50% improvement!
Again I say Amazing! Ladies, Lymphatic Therapy and Thermography work. Your breast health is very important to you, and is important to your family. Allow yourself to have your own success story.

Michelle Bjur-Mahto

Two years ago this December I started feeling intense abdominal pains and extreme discomfort. I was diagnosed with Kidney Stones and a slight case of Diverticulitis. For three weeks I continued to feel pain and discomfort and even though I was on muscle relaxets and pain pills the pain never really went away. I couldn’t sleep at night so I finally went to Mill Town Herbs located in Jamestown, ND to ry to find something to help and hopefully clear up the problem.
Linda Nitschke was working that day and helped me find some Hydrangea capsules and then suggested to my husband to try a massage with a new machine she had just gotten, My husband immediately made an appointment and the next day I went for a half and hour Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy, though I was somewhat skeptical it would not do any good as nothing else seemed to help.
After the first ten minutes of the therapy my abdomen began to feel like it has loosened up and the pain was lessened. When I walked out after the half hour session I was no longer in any pain. I would highly recommend Lymnphatic Decongestive Therapy.

Brenda Jarski-Weber
Jamestown, ND

​​​I went to see Linda Nitschke for a Lymphatic Massage Treatment after noticing some lumps in my breast. Although the biopsy indicated they were not cancerous the doctor was suggesting removal if they did not go away. After just afew a few treatments I noticed a significant reduction in size of the lumps and now they are almost completely gone. I am very pleased with the results of this treatment. Linda was very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this treatment for breast health.
C.F. Age: 43

​​The sessions I experienced with the lymphstar Pro machine was very helpful in my situation. I was having problems with eating foods at certain times. I would experience a choking episodes where lots of mucus and phlegm would rise up in my esophagus. This was a very scary feeling, and would occur without warning and it felt as if i could not get food u[ or down.
I was told that I had a possible case of Hiatus Hernia and should have my stomach pulled down to see if that could alleviate the problems I was having. I had my stomach pulled down, but this was not enough to remedy the situation, because my diaphragm muscles were to taught to allow my stomach and esophagus to relax.
I started with 2 of the Lymphatic sessions per week and noticed a decrease in the frequency of how often I had the stomach episodes. We started to decrease the sessions and spaced each session out farther as my symptoms improved. Now I just do an occasional session just to maintain the relaxed state of my diaphragm. I have no episodes anymore and feel that this problem was definitely resolved through Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy.

Donna Tees
Jamestown, ND

Salt Tent Therapy, known as Halotherapy…Local Testimonial
Amanda Strand writes:
My 2 littles and I had been struggling with sickness for weeks and nothing was kicking it. Linda suggested the salt tent as she had some good results with it with other people too. Within 24 hours of the session our nucus had already began to break up. We made it in for another session the day and that cleared it all right up.

Absolutely incredible, the work they have done. Forever life changed!

I called on Saturday 12:30pm complaining of a sharp pains under my shoulder blade that increased with movement. Linda was able to get me in as soon as I was able to show up! I’m sore from the massage but I felt a lot better walking out of there than I did walking in.

I have not felt as good as I do now in years and this was after 1 visit with Linda, we did a biofeedback and she told me what I was allergic to and gave me some supplements, I feel great!!
R. Larson

I am so grateful for the Lyme therapy I have received from Genesis. Four different types of the bacteria and secondary co infections are being cleared. My mind is more clear. my joints are far less swollen and I am starting to get myself back!

A little over a year ago I went in for my annual physical
The doctor came back and said everything looked fine I was right on track but my kidneys were only functioning at 35%, but not to worry I was still a long way off from having to need dialysis
Shortly after that I was visiting with Linda on the phone and told her about my kidneys and I thought she was going to blow a gasket she sent me some natural meds which I took for 30 days.
About a month or so after that I had to go in and I had gallbladder surgery. Before the doctor left the room I asked him how my kidneys were doing and he says oh they're great they're working at 85%.
Excuse me ??? Yes 85%
So at the present if I do not need surgery I will not see a regular MD period.
I am not on any prescription meds now.
I was on high blood pressure pills and also depression medication and Linda has gotten me completely off of those she has also helped me with some digestion problems.
I am 80 years old and let me tell you if you've got some health issues Linda is the person you want to see

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